LinenSpa8 Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress Review

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Even though most people tend to ignore and not make time for it, sleep is an essential element of a person’s health. For instance, a person who gets sufficient sleep is at a lower risk of getting strokes and heart attacks. They also enjoy quality of life because a good night sleep means better and grumpy moods in the morning due to a relaxed mind. Thus, interactions with friends and colleagues at work get better.

In a nutshell, sleep boasts a long string of benefits. Nonetheless, it does not come on a silver platter as the quality of the mattress you sleep on also contribute, and in respect to that, you should get the best one.

Unfortunately, with the tons of mattresses out there choosing the best one can be quite a bewildering task. Fortunately, below is a review of the LinenSpa8 Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress and all you that you need to know about it.

Features of the LinenSpa8 Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

  • Made up of several layers including memory foam
  • Has a coil base
  • Soft knit cover
  • Ten years of warranty
  • Comes in various sizes


Design and assembly

Even if most of the time your mattress is always under the covers, it is vital that you get one that is appealing and that is one of the things you’ll love about this product. For instance, it has several layers which make it appear thick, and the first one is quilted in a beautiful, soft knit fabric which is appealing such that you won’t shy away from removing the covers when the need arises. It comes compressed in a box so all you need to do is remove and place it in your bed and that is something a buyer can do single-handedly.

Total comfort

For a person to get not only enough but also good sleep they require a comfortable mattress and this product caters for that sufficiently. For instance, it has several layers the first one being the memory foam layer which is quilted in the mattress cover and helps distributes the body weight evenly ensuring that it does not exalt pressure on one part of the body.

It also has another 1.5-inch foam layer which further enhances weight distribution thus relieving pressure points and also ensuring that the sleeper does not wake up with aching body parts. Lastly, there are tempered steel coils found beneath and are separated from the other layers by a felt pad. These coils come in handy in offering back support.


No one wants to keep on purchasing a mattress after every few years because apart from being costly and wasting a lot of time, it can also be quite frustrating. Fortunately, that might be your last worry with the LinenSpa8 foam and innerspring hybrid mattress.

First, it has a felt pad to separate the tempered coils from the layers of foam hence increasing the durability of both layers. The fabric is also quite high quality, and lastly, it comes with ten years warranty which covers any damages that might happen to the material, so you can be sure of its quality.

Sleeping experience

We reviewed the various reviews from buyers and realized that the sleeping experience from this product is also quite over the edge. Thanks to the foam top, you no longer have to worry about disturbing your partner when you toss or turn as it absorbs motion. Also, it suits all type of sleepers but mostly light and back sleepers.


Have you ever had to wake up at night due to high temperatures, yet your air cooling system is on, and the other areas of your house are also cool? If so, then chances are your mattress is not breathable. With Linen Spa, you don’t have to worry about interrupted sleep due to heat as the spring coils make it breathable. It is also water, dust and bed bug proof.


Most buyers prefer buying eco-friendly products because besides helping them go green they are also good for their health. The Linen Spa mattress covers that criteria as it is certiPUR-US certified hence you can be sure that it does not contain any elements which might harm you, your loved ones or the environment.

Reasonable price

Your wallet has something to smile about thanks to the LinenSpa8 foam and innerspring hybrid mattress’s reasonable price. It packs the perks of more pricey ones at a budget-friendly rate, so you get quality and also save extra bucks for something else.

Comes in various sizes

Whether you sleep on a twin size bed or the California king one, you don’t have to worry about where to get the right mattress, and neither do you have to miss out on the impressive features that the LinenSpa8 foam and innerspring hybrid mattress has as it comes in various sizes.


Too firm

Although it has two layers of foam the first one being memory foam and the second one being 1.5-inch foam, most buyers have complained about it being too firm. It also favors side sleepers more than their sleeping positions.

Takes time to expand

As mentioned earlier, the mattress arrives in a compressed form which means when you unpack it you may have to wait for it to attain its full size. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of reviews from buyers that it takes long before it fully expands.


For its price range, the LinenSpa8 Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress packs a bunch of features which you only find in more expensive ones. For instance, it is breathable and comfortable for a night of uninterrupted sleep. Additionally, it is durable and eco-friendly and even though it has a few downsides, when you consider the advantages then it’s better than the others within its price range.

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