Modway Aveline 10″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Full Mattress Review

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Majority of us would give virtually anything to have a good night sleep. A good night sleep helps rejuvenate the body as you prepare to take on the next day. A mattress is an important factor in the sleep equation and therefore it needs to get the best you can afford. There are many options available in the market and you can easily get lost in this jungle.

However, you can rest easy. The Modway Aveline 10” Gel Infused Memory Foam Full Mattress that is a guaranteed to give you a good night sleep, thanks to of its innovative design to tackle many of the shortcomings of your normal mattress.

Features of the Modway Aveline 10″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Full Mattress

  • Made of 3 layers of gel infused memory foam
  • It is certified by CertiPUR-US certified
  • Open cell ventilation top layer
  • Comes with a 10 years warranty
  • A quality diamond-knit removable mattress cover
  • Compact packaging


It is a full 3-layered gel infuses memory foam that supports to your body to ensure you are comfortable when lying down to sleep. It responds to your body by conforming to the shape you map out as you sleep. This reduces the pressure exacted on your spine, lower back and shoulders especially for those who sleep sideways.

When making such a big and important purchase, a warranty should be provided at purchase. The Modway Aveline mattress comes with a 10-year warranty on manufacturers defects. This offers you a guarantee that in case there is a problem, you can always get it sorted out easily with the manufacturer.

The open cell top layer innovative technology give allows for increased airflow within the upper mattress layer thus better a cooling effect as you sleep. No more waking up to a puddle sweat as the technology makes the mattress breathable and reduces heat build-up in the body-mattress contact points. This may be very useful in hot and humid areas or in summer.

The mattress is made of a durable polyurethane foam base. The polyurethane is a durable plastic that is sensitive to heat. The foam is resistance to deforming or denting after a long use like the standard foam mattress. This guarantees that your mattress will give you a longer service without or with little deteriorating. When making such a big purchase, durability should be a concern too which the mattress guarantees.

The mattress has passed CertiPUR –US certifications because they do not contain any of the toxic and fuming contents in them. They do not use formaldehyde, heavy metals, TDCPP, TCEP, PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) that acted as fire retarders that were found to have health effects on humans. You and your family can sleep easy knowing you are safe.

The Modway Aveline also comes vacuum-pack and it can fit is a sizable box that is easy to carry when you moving around. It is easy to unpack, unroll and let the mattress inflate for about two hours and it is ready for use. It saves space and the tedious process that was the case with an older mattress or the spring mattresses.

The gel infused foam is great for isolating movements on the bed. It comes in handy for hose sharing a bed. You can barely notice your partner’s movement as the toss and turn giving you a good undisturbed night sleep. This also makes it ideal for small children who would not want to be disturbed when they are in their sleep.

A quality fabric that comes with a diamond knit stitch covers the mattress to protect from direct contact that wears the foam. The mattress cover is also removable for easy cleaning when it is dirty.


A newly made mattress has a plastic-chemical smell that can be irritating to many. Therefore, it is advised that you air the mattress out for some few hours before sleeping on it to allow the odor to fade away.

The mattress gel-infused foam tends to sink in the shape of your body contours, as the polyurethane is heat sensitive and takes the body shape. This poses a problem when turning and it requires some effort, which can be quite distracting during your sleep.


Overall, the Modway Aveline 10” Gel Infused Memory Foam Full Mattress is ticked all the boxes of an affordable, durable, safe and innovative mattress. It incorporates innovative features like good heat dissipation technology and its feel finds a perfect balance between soft and firm to ensure you enjoy both of the worlds. It also comes in handy with its movement isolation capabilities thanks to it gel-infused foam. In other words, I would say it’s buying a good night sleep and the purchase is great value for your money.

Barbara Ann

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