The Hamuq Hybrid Review

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A good night’s sleep is always a must for every individual. We all perform well at work or school if we get enough sleep. A great sleeping habit is also key for maintaining good skin and an overall positive attitude. When it comes to better sleeping habits, a proper mattress is a crucial element.

There are numerous mattresses being sold today, each with different features, materials and sizes so it can get a little confusing as to which product you might want to buy. If you need help, check out reviews of such products. In this article, you can read more about the Hamuq Hybrid Mattress.

hamuq hybrid


  • Has minimum foam density of 2 lbs.
  • Uses pocket coil technology for less motion transfer
  • Comes with coils made from 15-gauge Canadian steel
  • Gives great support; designed and produced in Toronto, Canada
  • Can be used on slatted bed frames, platform beds, standard box springs or straight on the floor
  • Has 12” thickness
  • Suits all sleeping styles—side, back, stomach
  • Company provides 101-night trial period for free


Good mattresses are not hard to find these days but due to the abundance of models, choosing a great one can be a challenge. To make your selections easier, always look for reviews of products you are interested in. Chances are you may have been curious about the workings of the Hamuq Hybrid mattress.

The mattress had been built with a new advanced design where company has condensed the mattress and securely roll it into a manageable, more compact package. By making use of a coil system, the product is allowed to “breath” as air is capable of circulating beneath the mattress. This leads to a mattress that is cool and comfortable to lie on.

The pocket coil system design decreases motion transfer in the same manner as memory foam. The mattress is composed of foam that is wrapped with a sturdy biofoam material all over its edges to guarantee excellent edge support. It also comes with a slim layer of biofoam on top of the coils.

The layer is followed by 3 lbs. of VLS gel memory foam and 2 inches of soft biofoam. It is finished off with 1” ultra-dense foam quilting on top of the mattress. Because of the merging of foam layers, it makes for a comfortable bed to rest and lie on and it retains stability as well due to the presence of pocket coils.

The mattress is medium firm which many will appreciate, particularly side sleepers. It has softness due to the presence of the pillow-type top; however, it does provide stability and a solid foundation because of the pocket coils.

The mattress was tested right away after unboxing and even though it was not completely inflated after unrolling, the mattress displayed a firmness that is excellent compared to similar products. Check out the mattress after a few hours and it will have expanded to full size, providing a wholly comfortable and firm surface that your back will be thankful for.

Light sleepers will not be disturbed while snoozing because of little motion transfer. This makes the mattress a nice bed for couples. The mattress can be rotated if you prefer and the company suggests that you can rotate the mattress every 6 months if you want.

Another advantage of this product is that it does not hold heat unlike memory foam mattresses. While it will soften over time, the product will not sag after extended use since the pocket coils are known to contain their original shape extremely well, even after a lengthy amount of time.

Lastly, if the mattress doesn’t work for you, the company offers a 101-night free trial run for the mattress. You can use it until the allotted time and in case you are not too keen on keeping it, you can return the product to the company and avail of a refund.


Because this product has a medium firmness, this might not be ideal for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers require something a bit softer with excellent yield. While it has a plush feel, it is not overly so and it melds softness and firmness at balanced amounts. Hence this product will accommodate the needs of side sleepers more than stomach sleepers.

In addition, the company does not ship to the US.


The Hamuq Hybrid is something side sleepers should check out… if you live in Canada, that is. This is a product that combines a balanced level of softness and firmness. It is not too solid nor too plush.

The product was also a success in terms of less motion transfer so it makes for an excellent bed for couples. The mattress has excellent support and comfort, plus it is made with premium materials that last for a long time. Lastly, you can test the product for 101 nights, thanks to the company’s trial period.


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